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British Plastics Federation appealto solve plastic waste together​

Date:2014-07-25 17:36:17 / Industry Trends

In the recently held " extremely affected marine plastic waste solution" meeting , BPF ( British Plastics Federation ) Chairman Philip Law repeatedly emphasized Road , in order to solve the ills of marine litter , is essential for the community to join hands .

Philip Law during a speech at the meeting pointed out that marine life is also a clean living environment , various interest groups and individuals must actively cooperate with the UK plastics industry , to eliminate the phenomenon of plastic waste into the ocean river .


marine plastic waste

" The entire plastics industry supply chain is a vital link once discarded plastic ultimate ownership of its products handled properly, it will jeopardize the healthy development of the ecological environment , so that all stakeholders , whether voluntary or commercial purposes , must work together to discuss the best solution . "Philip Law said.

Currently , BPF and other plastics industry associations have actively joined the Marine Environment of the rescue plan called MLAN . The program initiated by the Marine Conservation Society , aims to prevent further deterioration of the marine environment.
To deal with the problem of plastic waste in the ocean , some social groups offer advice Road at the meeting , the degradation of the system can be advanced waste plastic trash on the beach swept away. However , BPF think this will further increase the social costs , and the target audience is too small , confined to the beach.

Philip Law said , in order to solve the problem, we must proceed from multi-level , multi-angle , fully mobilize the enthusiasm. In addition to relying on advanced equipment and first-class technology such hardware , but also should start with children , so deeply rooted concept of environmental protection . Meanwhile, the British government should further standardize the relevant laws and regulations, punish those plastic waste directly into the ocean and lakes businesses and individuals.

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