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Plastic garbage causing $ 13 billion to the economy annually marine ecosystems

Date:2014-07-25 17:16:27 / Industry Trends

In the first two reports of the United Nations Conference on the Environment on June 23 in Nairobi, the opening day of release pointed out that a large amount of plastic waste in the ocean growing threat to marine life , a conservative estimate of the annual economic losses caused to marine ecosystems up to $ 13 billion .

Supported by UNEP , plastic Disclosure Project (thePlasticDisclosureProject) and the " true cost " (Trucost) jointly issued the " Valuation of plastic ," the report found that the use of natural capital plastics industry, the annual consumption of consumer goods amounted to $ 75 billion . Extraction and processing of raw materials GHG emissions resulting from the consumption of more than 30% natural capital , but the largest marine pollution downstream costs .

Protect Environmental

Plastic garbage in the ocean from the trash, poorly managed landfills, tourism and fishing activities. Some plastic garbage will be sunk , others will float with the currents , pollution of the coastline and accumulation in the ocean. After ingestion of marine organisms can cause illness or death , but also entangled in plastic dolphins and whales and other biological and damage important habitats , such as coral reefs . In addition, the plastic waste may also produce chemical pollution, plastic debris can lead to invasive species, and pollution of beaches due to damage and destruction of fishing gear and fishing tourism in many countries .

" UNEP Yearbook 2014 " special attention diameter generated during the manufacture or production of plastic debris 5 mm micro plastics. Micro- plastics used in toothpaste , hair gel and cleanser difficult to filter the sewage treatment process , eventually discharged directly into rivers, lakes and oceans.

UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner noted that the reduction, recycling and re-design of plastic products can bring a lot of green economy benefits.

Steiner : "We wasted a lot of plastic , we do not recycle , thus we do not realize that the consideration paid ."

" Valuation plastic " report found that through good management of plastic , such as plastic recycling, saving $ 4 billion per year for the consumer goods industry .

Andrew Russell Plastic Disclosure Project Director emphasized that these studies reveal companies need to consider the carbon footprint as the water footprint and , like the forest trail , consider the company 's plastic footprint.

We can recycling waste plastic, then convert plastic to fuel oil to reduce pollution of the environment.

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