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Plastic garbage gathered into a reef in the Pacific

Recently, the U.S. drone vortex in the Pacific region found a new permanent "artificial garbage island" , the plastic debris from the tsunami .

A(Algalita) research team has reached this is known as the "Pacific Garbage Patch " in the region , conducting research for a period of 30 days , and use drones to shoot panoramic images .


Plastic garbage gathered into a reef in the Pacific

Team founder Charles Moore (Charles Moore) was the first to discover this piece of garbage areas , he said: "Our research teams are living in the world's most polluted areas where land 1,000 miles away ( about 1609 km . . ) here is the North Pacific vortex area , causing rotation of the vortex of plastic rubbish heap , " the research team , said: ." these continued increases in plastic debris gathered into ' plastic reef ' , into a new habitat for flora and fauna . "

The research team used a plastic fishing nets sample , Moore said : . " I was quite shocked , 260 miles from the center of the scroll area (about 418 km ) office, we salvaged plastic debris weight than the weight of marine organisms us almost a thousand times just scroll zone periphery salvage, but even more than five years ago , I fished out of the center of the vortex zone number . "


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