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99% marine waste plastic may be drowned

Date:2014-07-25 16:25:09 / Industry Trends

Millions of tons - this may be the answer about how much plastic waste floating in the world's oceans issues . However , a new study found that 99% of plastic waste disappeared . The reason is a disturbing possibility : the fish eat them.    If this is the case, "There may have entered the plastic garbage global marine food chain ." Research leader, University of Western Australia marine scientist Carlos Duarte said, "and we are part of the food web ."

Human-made nearly 300 million tons of plastic each year. Most plastic waste being landfilled or eventually discarded rubbish . But the U.S. National Academy of Sciences 1970 study found that due to the rivers, floods, storms and sailing boats dumping and other reasons, there are 0.1% of plastic waste from the land into the ocean. Some were trapped in the Arctic ice, and some stranded on the beach. But the vast majority are still floating in the sea, such as the Pan Pacific Garbage Patch .


Art Exhibition by the ocean plastic waste composition

  To calculate how much garbage is living with them in the garbage , 4 Malaspina expedition ( global ocean research project ) vessels in 2010 to 2011 , looking at all five major plastic marine debris band. After several months of navigation traction fine mesh , the researchers predict that the ocean is only 40,000 tons of plastic waste in the most. Research report recently published online in the United States, " National Academy of Sciences ." "We can not explain the other 99 % of plastic trash gone ." Duarte said.
The researchers suspect that the majority of the disappearance of plastic garbage is eaten by marine organisms . When the plastic float to the high seas , waves and solar radiation will break them into smaller and smaller particles , have been small to begin as fish food . "Yes, animals eat them ." Was not involved in the study of the American Institute of Farallon advanced ecosystem oceanographer Peter Davison said. He also noted that it is difficult to know what it will produce biological effects .
Adhered to the plastic surface of the toxic marine pollutants DDT, PCBs and mercury , making them " absorb all the water pollutants , and together ." When animals eat these plastic garbage , poison will enter the fish class body , and through the food chain , such as tuna and swordfish to the listed species . But Davison said the fish poison under "could return to the water, but we do not know ."

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