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Waste plastic have a large percent in Hawaiian Islands

Date:2014-07-25 15:39:16 / Industry Trends

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. Pacific Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute conducted a large-scale study of the seabed for a period of 22 years , reveals startling undersea pollution. Course of the study , the Institute bathyscaphe deepest dive to a depth of 13,000 feet from the sea (about 3960 meters ) , and shot up to 18,000 hours of video, showing scattered on the seabed various artificial rubbish.

The inspection process, bathyscaphs footprints all over the Gulf of California to Vancouver Island from the West Bank and the waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. The results show that the waters of California 's Monterey submarine canyon largest number of garbage , including plastic waste, metal waste , debris nets and other trash.
Researchers surprised to find that the deeper the depth of the seabed , the more garbage . Only in California Monterey submarine canyon deep canyon , researchers have discovered on the seabed over 1150 garbage . In the Pacific Ocean , the researchers did not find the phenomenon of garbage randomly distributed , but concentrated in the deep slopes and rocky areas. Compared with the shallower areas , the number of deep-sea areas more garbage .
The researchers found that as many as one-third of the seabed garbage is plastic waste, of which the largest number of Youyi plastic shopping bags . Because sunless sea bed, which can degrade petroleum-based garbage needs several hundred years . Degradation process , the plastic garbage becomes brittle , broken into small particles. Number of metal garbage trash ranked second in all seabed , where two-thirds of aluminum, steel or tin cans. Abandoned fishing equipment on the sea floor waste is also very common.
Most of it is found in glass, metal , paper and plastic can be recycled . Find the most efficient and cost- effective way to solve this problem before , can only hope to raise public awareness of environmental protection . But at least for now, the problem will only worsen the seabed garbage .
The researchers said : " Deep Sea region found a surprising amount of garbage people are very surprised that we usually think of human daily activities will not have 3218 meters of deep-sea animals affected to believe there is more we do not find in the garbage submarine canyons . . a lot of garbage and sediment flow due to undersea landslides buried , some of which may enter deeper waters . "
Currently, researchers are working with the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary to conduct a detailed study to understand the impact of a falling container in 2004 caused a cargo ship from . There are more than 1,000 steel containers built tires . The researchers believe that such a large undersea garbage will cause serious damage to deep-sea ecosystems . There is no cost-effective way to remove such a large undersea rubbish. The researchers hope that through further action , to understand the long-term biological effects of deep-sea garbage may cause.

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