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Tyre oil SGS report recognized by Societe Generale de Surveillance

Date:2014-07-25 15:08:30 / Industry Trends


Henan DOING Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd supply  waste tyre recycling machine, which can pyrolysis out fuel oil(tyre oil,plastic oil,rubber oil), hence, we made the oil SGS report for our fuel oil pyrolysis by waste tyre recycling machine,which recognized by Societe Generale de Surveillance. SGS is the world's leading inspection,verification,testing and certification bodies,and also globally recognized benchmark for quality and integrity.

Waste tyre recycling machine with special seals,suitable for industrial scale of continuous operation. Waste tyre recycling machine is fully automated machine.It is improving the safety performance of the equipment with a automatic anti-tempering device.While  the special design of recycling machine, has a anti-corrosion function, long service life about 8-10years. Their is no pollution,no smoking, no emmison release out, no waste( waster waste, gas waste, discharge waste).

waste tyre recycling machine

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