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What advantages do you have about your waste tyre pyrolysis machine?

Advantages of waste tyre pyrolysis machine:

(1.Safety.Safety is the most important factor for pyrolysis equipment. Our whole set pyrolysis equipment is equipped with 7 kinds of safety devices, including temperature control, pressure control, automatic alarming, safety valve, vacuumsystem, water seal and oil-water separator.

(2.Environmental.Our dedusting system has a more complicated and scientific design than others in order to remove the dust and sulfer. Add CaO into the circulating water and use high-pressure hydraulic pump to press this water into high pressure nozzle,which can first atomize the water, then reactor with So2 while, at the same time, absorb the dust removal system, the color of the smoke is white, which means our machine can reach the international purification standard and will not cause pollution on environment. The water mixed with CaO is circulating, sono need to drain but just add it with its evaporating.

(3.Energy saving. We are using exhaust gas recycling system. The uncondensable gas willbe recycled to heat reactor again.

(4.Long service time. Reactor is the main part of the whole equipment, so reactor’s service time decides the whole equipments’ service life. We use Q234R, Q345Rboiler plate or 304 and 306 stainless. The thickness of the whole reactor bodyis 16mm. Our reactoris manufactured exactly according to the standard of pressure vessel.

(5.High degree automation. Our machine can slagging automatic.

(6.Mature technology. Pyrolysis is a special trade, technology is very important. We have been in this line for about 8 years, have very rich experience, can ensure you safety production and have a high oil output rate.

(7.Good after sale service. We have an experienced installing team, they are often install machine overworld, they can go to repair your machine in person.

(8.Competitive price. Your success is our biggest wishes, we would like to do this business together with you. Service you the good quality machine with competitive price.

Waste tyre pyrolysis machine

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