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Is your pyrolysis reactor protection against corrosion?

Date:2014-07-03 16:19:01 / Pyrolysis machine FAQ

Is your pyrolysis reactor protection against corrosion?what do you expect rate of reduction in your pyrolysis reactor steel thickness?

It's accroding to raw material, If waste tires,and normal plastic,such as PP,PE,no worry about corrosion.

Only PVC is corrosional,it will damage the pyrolysis reactor.Because when heating PVC,there will be HCL producing which is acid.

The sollution is putting some CAO,and also add one layer of Epoxy resin material which protects the pyrolysis reactor.When heating the pyrolysis

reactor,there will be some unavoidable consumption of reactor,that is why the pyrolysis reactor has a life service time.

Our waste tyre pyrolysis reactor is made of Q245R steel,the reactor of 16mm thickness,if your materails are tires and it don't contains PVC,no need to worry about corrosion.

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