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Edible oil solvent extraction plant

Date:2014-05-24 16:07:18 / Solvent Extraction Plant /Give me the price

Edible oil solvent extraction plant is utilizing the principle of solvent can be dissolved in oil fat to extract oil out, then we can get the mixture of the oil and solvent , finally separating oil from the solvent. In fact, edible oil solvent extraction is also a mechanical method, because during the edible oil solvent extraction process, there is no any chemical reaction. The first time solvent extraction plant adopting is in European in the middle of the 19th century, in the beginning of 20th century it has already applied widely in oil production industry , now it is more and more mature and widely use.

Edible oil loop type extraction plant

Edible oil solvent extraction plant is used for processing vegetable oil cakes(because there is 5- 6% oil residue in the cakes at least) and low oil content oil seeds (like soybean , rice bran) directly.

Edible oil solvent extraction plant can be divided into three types: Leaching tanks group(it is used for processing 10-20tons materials), rotocel extractor(it is used to process 30-300tons materials) and  loop type extractor (using for pretreating 500tons and above materials).

Edible oil batch solvent extraction plant

Edible oil solvent extraction plant is already very normal in oil production field, comparing to the traditonal press machines, it is more efficient, the oil residue is leass than 1%, at the meanwhile you can get about high quality meal. This is why many businessmen prefer this processing method. But because of machines costs, edible oil solvent extraction plant is used for processing large capacity oil seeds.

Edible oil rotocel extraction plant

Top of edible oil rotocel extraction plant

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