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10 tons of scrap tires will produce how much oil?

10T Scrap tires pyrolysis plant

10 ton if scrap tires through DOING scrap tires pyrolysis plant can produce about 4.5 ton oil, please see the form below to get detail information.

Product rate get from scrap tires

Raw material

Tires oil rate

Carbon black rate

Steel rate

Waste gas rate

Big tires





Small tires





From the above form we can see, big tires oil rate is 45%-50%, small tires oil rate is 35%-40%, so from 10 tons of scrap tires, can get about 4.5 ton oil.
Oil is the main products of scrap tires pyrolysis plant, widely used in industrial area, for example used for heating boiler and other kinds of equipment.

Product get from 10 tons of scrap tires

CapacityRaw materialTires oil(T)Carbon    black(T) Steel(T)Waste gas(T)
10TBig tires4.5T-5T3T1.5T0.5T
10TSmall tires3.5T-4T3T1.5T0.5T

Besides crude oil, there are also carbon, steel and little waste gas, the percentage are 30%, 15% and 5%, that is to say, from 10 ton scrap tires pyrolysis plant, can get 3 ton carbon black, 1.5 ton steel and 0.5 ton waste gas.
Carbon black after a further process can make a kind of fuel, widely used in the areas like cement factory, steel factory, glass factory and so on for heating, also can be used for heating pyrolysis plant.
Steel, do not need to say too much, right? You can sell directly, and in some country, steel can sell a quite good price.
Waste gas can recycle to furnace through gas pipe for heating reactor, this can save energy.

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