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What kind of waste tyre/plastic recycling to oil machine is considered qualified?

Date:2014-03-03 10:20:42 / News Normally, the waste tyre recycling machine can be qualified machine which fit for below conditions:

1. Meet technological requirements:The machine is service for technical; first, it should meet the meet the proposed process. Such as, the device should be able to carry out chemical reactions required for the reaction at a temperature, pressure, concentration and other conditions required, and the reactionrate and reaction speed of technological requirements, mass transfer equipment should in a mixed state can implement the separation of materials and processes required to achieve separation and processing power, heat transfer system should be able to implement the provisions stipulated in the flow ofheat exchange and temperature conditions.

2. Running in safety and reliable
Most of waste tyre/plastic recycling machine raw material such as, catalysts, additive, are flammable, explosive, toxic and corrosive substances, and with pressure when working, high temperature, high pressure. Once the machine itself is only an accident destroyed, but tend to induce a series of fatal accidents, causing heavy human casualties and economic losses, so the production of security is particularly important.
To ensure safety and reliable running, the first requirement has a sufficient strength, rigidity and good sealing. Strength is the ability of the device to resist damage under load, each device regardless of the housing or parts should have sufficient strength to ensure the normal operation and personnel safety. Stiffness of the device is the ability to resist deformation under load, lack of rigidity also makes equipment incapacity, such as in machine running under pressure if the stiffness (stability) deficiency, due to instability ( lose their shape ) was not working properly;
Tightness of waste tyre/plastic recycling to oil machine is also very important, flammable, explosive, toxic and highly corrosive media, if leaked, not only brought serious pollution to the environment. Make healthy people suffer serious damage, but also may cause fire, explosion and other accidents; for vacuum system, if sealed is not good will be leak into the air, destroyed the vacuum is not allowed. So when operating requires equipment should not leak. In addition to the requirements of the device itself, also need maintain in daily time. Operation and management with skilled and qualified workers, strict implementation of the operation rules, strengthen routine maintenance, Inspection and maintenance according to the relevant provisions of the machine, to discover and eliminate insecurity.  

3. Simple structure, easy operation and maintenance
The input costs account for a large proportion in the waste tyre/plastic recycling to oil machine, the machine should be in a simple structure, adopt standard  model components at the basis of meet technical requirements and safety working. Besides, the machine should be have a good operating performance, high degree of automation and easy operation and maintenance.
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