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Environmental related questions about waste tyre recycling machine

1. Water treatment during waste tyre recycling machine working process, water in two parts used. One is condenser water without pollution. Another place is dedusting water with recycled working, only evaporation, no emissions.

2. Waste treatment aspects, one is discharged from the reactor, this waste after high temperature, non-toxic and tasteless, can be as material used for carbon black, as well as used for building materials. Another is the slag also can be used for building materials. Both wastes are no emissions

3. Waste oil gas, the waste tyre recycling machine is working under sealed condition. No any bad smell emission.

4. Noise treatment, DOING waste tyre recycling machine adopt low- noise fan, the noise below 60 decibels, with a portion of the power noise and feeder noise are not more than 50 db.

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