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Benefits of recycling plastic?

We use plastic products every day, such as beverage and food containers, trash bags and grocery bags, plastic cups and utensils, toys for children and diapers, and all kinds of bottles for containing liquid and so on. And the waste of plastics has increased year by year, and have become a larger part of the municipal solid waste. That is why we must to recycle them. Plastic is created by combining petroleum or natural gas with oxygen or chlorine, this process requires the burning of large amounts of oil. So it is better that we make full use of it.

If we recycle these waste plastic, what benefit we can get?

Recycled plastic can be made into plastic oil
Recycling plastics can save energy and natural resources
Recycling plastics saves landfill space
Recycling plastics can reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Recycling plastics can creates millions of jobs

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