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How to process vegetable oil:solvent extraction

The vegetable oil we eat everyday is extracted by two mature technologies.One is physical pressing way, the other is solvent extraction way. Solventextraction way means use solvent which can dissolve the oil in the oil seeds,while other parts of the oil seeds is not influenced. It is a massive industrialproduction process, by this way; the oil residue usually is 1%. Large capacityfactory if they adopt simple pressing way to extract oil, the oil residuequantity would be big; the oil loss would be large too.  Solvent extraction way is more suitable tofactory with capacity of more than 30 tons per day.


Oil solvent extractor

The process for solvent extraction way usually is: 1, to get mixtureof crude oil and solvent. 2, separate the crude oil from the solvent. 3, separatethe solvent from the meal. 4, to process the solvent for recycle use.

The machine involves in this mainly is solvent extractors, Evaporatorsand stripper steaming tower, DTDC to separate the solvent from the meal andsolvent recycle using system.

Then, the crude oil could be sent to refinery and the meal afterdrying could be packed for sale.

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