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Waste tire have its valuable- new method to process waste tire available

With the increasing number of cars, every year over one billion waste car tires are discarded in the worldwide, while the amount of recycled tires cannot reach a third of the total number of waste tires, Moreover, the fee of waste tire recycling is much higher than refining waste tire/rubber to fuel oil. If you can find a cheap way to recycle tires, and effectively utilized, then the profit is gratifying. Now, researchers of Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Finds a good way to deal with waste tires.

DOING Mechanical Company researchers used a not complex way. Put the waste tire/rubber into a sealing boiler, it is amazing that the waste tire becomes soft and the fiber is easy separate from waste tires/rubber. Then, under a vacuum condition, separate the carbon black and fuel oil. If in this way, we can get almost 5 ton fuel oil from 1 ton waste tires. The fuel oil can be use heavy industries such as steel milling factory, cement factory, glass making factoryand boiler factory. The fuel oil can be as a diesel after distillation. This kind of diesel can be used for trucks, tractors, and diesel oil generator etc. it can help us save energy, the oil recovery rate is about 85%-90%.

Henan DOING Mechanical Equipment Co.ltd is a leading manufacturer specialized in large and medium-sized oil-related machineries, including waste tire recycling pyrolysis machine and waste plastic recycling pyrolysis machine to get fuel oil, waste oil/black oil refinery machine to get diesel oil, cooking oil production line as well as biodiesel plant. DOING Mechanical Company is popular in worldwide and deeply loved by foreigners. Until now, they exported more than 100 countries and 500 sets equipments. Such as Albania, Turkey, Iran, Poland, Ecuador, Mexico, Haiti, Jamaica, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, India etc. DOING Mechanical Company welcome you visit factory and calling us for enquiry at any time!

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