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One way to process vegetable oil

Date:2014-02-12 17:52:38 / Cooking oil machine FAQ

Oil press mainlymeans by a physical pressing way to extract vegetable oil. Vegetable oil is adaily consumption, it is very important to our health. So the vegetable oilpress plant is everywhere over the world and is spreading everyday. To know howto process oil is helpful for everyone. There usually are two kinds of maturetechnology to extract oil. One is oil pressing, another is solvent extractionway. Pressing way is the most traditional way to get oil. It is the mostdirect, simple, and safe way to get oil. The vegetable oil get from pressingway is more natural, which means it contains most of the original nutrition in the oil seeds, like protein,Lecithin,vitamin etc without being broken. Oil press wayhas its limitation, the oil residue usually is 5%-7%, if the capacity is large,and the oil residue would be a loss.

Running oil pressers workshop for rapeseeds

Before we pressoil seeds for oil, there is pretreatment process to make the oil seeds at thebest condition for oil. Usually it is cleaning, water and temperatureconditioning, flaking, cooking etc.

Cleaning means toremove the impurity in the oil seeds, like stones, metals, crop straws etc.water and temperature conditioning means to adjust the water content of the oilseeds and cooking or softening to make the oil seeds easily extract oil. Flakingmeans to make the big oil seeds to be small pieces for easily be pressed foroil. After pretreatment, we could press oil seeds for oil now. After pressingwe could get natural crude vegetable oil. Some kind of oil can be edible aftersimple filter, like sesame oil, peanut oil we Chinese traditionally ediblevegetable oil. Other oils may contain some harmful matters, it need furtherrefinery to be edible, like cotton seed oil, sunflower seed oil, rape seed oil,corn germ oil etc.

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