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General Facts about Waste Tires

Waste tires can be a valuable commodity. Beneficial end uses for waste tires can curb illegal tire dumping while diverting tires from landfill disposal. Creating long term sustainable uses for scrap tires can help local governments in Texas solve illegal tire dumping issues while preventing tire fires and controlling disease vectors (mosquitoes, rats, and snakes) which are common concerns associated with scrap tire sites.

Regular maintenance of vehicle tires can prolong tire life see Tire Maintenance (PDF). (Take Care of Texas) a statewide campaign designed to involve all Texans in lifestyle and habit changes that will help improve air and water quality, conserve water and energy, reduce waste, and save individuals a little money in the process shares tips to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions from your vehicle, with the first step being proper tire inflation. By keeping your tires at their maximum recommended pressure, they will last longer, deliver better gas mileage, and be safer on the road.

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