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The differences of edible oil which is made by pressing way or solvent way

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1)The main differences between pressing oil and solvent oil is the way to get oil. Pressing oil is got by the physical way, while the solvent oil is extracted by the solvent. The solvent extraction way belongs to the chemical way.


2)Physical way is usually used for making the oil with flavor, such as peanut oil, sesame oil, etc. The oil residues in the cake is higher. The solvent way is used for the low oil content oil seed, such as soybean, rice, etc. The oil yield rate is higher and capacity is large. It also can be controlled by PLC, so it can be used in commercial process. Now the solvent extraction way is popular in the world. According to the raw materials, it also can use both pressing way and solvent extraction way.


                                                Rice bran oil                                    Peanut oil                    


                                                     Soybean oil                                Sesame oil

3)The oil which is got by pressing way and solvent way is called crude oil. After refining, the edible oil is got. For making the flavor oil, the oil goes through degumming, deacidification and decolorization. If the crude oil is got by solvent way, it’s also need deodorization after above three steps. Some kinds of oil also need winterization to move the wax in it. For example, rice bran oil, sunflower oil and so on.

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4)About the quality of edible oil, each country has its standard. There is exact requirement of each index. For the normal oil, no matter how the oil is got, the standard is same for the same kind material oil.

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