Congo is planning to set up palm oil processing plant in northern

The government of Congo signed a treaty with BioCongo Global Trading Company on 24 February, according to this treaty, the Basin Province and West Basin Province which is located in northern of Congo will construct a palm oil processing plant to produce palm oil and biodiesel which used palm oil as raw material.

The Minister of Industrial Development and Private Enterprise Promoting Ministry Rudolf Adada signed the treaty with the CEO of BioCongo Global Trading Eugene Hubert Obba. As reported, the government of Congo will provide 60 thousand hectares land for the plant, and permit BioCongo Global Trading to develop and export palm oil and biodiesel. Adada said that it is very necessary for Congo to exploit renewable energy sources; it will optimize national energy structure, and guarantee energy supply is long-term sufficient.

As Obba said that, the project is planned finished in 5 years, invest 0.15 billion Euros at first tranche, need 220 thousand employees, including agriculture technicians, biologists, civil engineers etc. professionals.

Obba also said that, BioCongo Global Trading want to collaborate with Ngouabi University because many professionals are needed. They want to set up an output increasing and variety optimization research center, at the same time, they will provide training lessons for some graduates who will work in the company in the future.

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