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What's the oil content of various oil seed

Date:2013-12-10 09:34:56 / Cooking oil machine FAQ

Cooking oil

There are many oil seed can be used to make cooking oil. While various oil seeds contains different percent oil. Do you want to know the oil content of various oil seeds? Now I will list the oil content of usual oil seeds.


Groundnut/peanut seed. The oil content of groundnut is about 46-51%. The groundnut oil, as know as peanut oil or arachis oil, is the most popular oil in China, South Asian and Southeast Asian. The groundnut oil is available in refined, unrefined and cold pressed. The latter kind has a strong flavor and aroma, analogous to sesame oil. People use it both for general cooking oil and roasted oil for added flavor.


Soybean/ soya/ soya bean. Natural soybean contains 18-21% oil in it. Now more and more transgenosis soybean has been used to make soybean oil. The soybean oil is one of the most widely consumed cookings.


Canola/ Rapeseed. The oil content in canola is 35-42%. The canola oil is got from canola seed or rapeseed. It can be used as cooking oil. Consumption of the oil is not believed to cause harm to human. Now it also can be used to make biodiesel.


Sesame. The sesame oil is also called gingelly oil or til oil. It’s a vegetable oil derived from sesame seed. It’s not only popular as cooking oil in South India, but also used as a flavor enhance in China, Japan, Middle Eastern, Korean and Southeast Asian. The oil content of it is 45-55%.

Oil sunflower seed

Oil sunflower seed. The oil content of the whole sunflower seed is 22-36% and the oil content of kernel is 45-55%. The sunflower oil is a new kind of cooking oil known as by more people. It’s can be used as frying oil. In cosmetic field, it can be used as emollient. The world’s largest sunflower oil producers now are Russian, Argentina and Ukraine.

Cotton seed

Cotton seed. The oil content of cotton seed ranges from 15% to 25%. This oil is got from the cotton plant. Only the cotton kernel contains oil. The crude cotton seed oil has gossypol. The gossypol is harmful to human, so it’s must refine as a cooking oil.

Corn germ

Corn germ. The corn germ is the a little part of the corn. It’s about 8% of the whole corn. The corn germ contains about 40% oil. It can be used as cooking oil. The corn oil is good to cardiovascular function, so corn oil is more and more widely use now.

Rice bran

Rice bran. Rice bran is the part between rice and shell. Before, most of the rice bran is used as animal feed or as fuel. Now many people is interested in making the rice bran oil. The oil content of rice bran is about 16-20%. The rice bran oil is known as one of the health oil in the world.

Castor seed

Castor seed. It contains about 35-42% oil. It can be used as edible oil or cooking oil, so it’s used to make biodiesel now. This not only can use the castor seed, but also can solve the energy problem.

There are also many other kind of oil seeds. The oil content of each kind seed is different. According to the features of each oil seed, they can be used in different fields.

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