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Strategic Alliance Opportunities-Waste Plastic to Fuel Oil Project

Business opportunities for waste plastic to fuel oil project currently fall into 3 categories:
Waste Plastic Technology Partnerships
Waste plastic is expensive to deal with and leads to the need for increased landfill capacity. With DOING’s technology, companies can save expensive waste plastic streams, reduce costs and align themselves with viable environmentally responsible initiatives.
Processor Partnerships
Waste plastic to fuel oil project can process waste tyre, waste plastic, and waste rubber to crude oil. The raw material can be waste tyres, house garbage, waste plastic bags, waste rubber cable, and sole and so on. It takes pyrolysis technology to get fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire from waste tyre recycling system. This waste plastic to fuel oil project can solve global environmental problems with no pollution.
1 Decrease tonnage of waste plastic that is currently directed to landfill and reduce cost associated with disposal.
2 Have access to affordable, cleaner burning fuels that reduce emissions into the environment.
3 Respond to a growing expectation for business & government to align with green initiatives and be more environmentally responsible.
Fuel Sales
The proprietary P2O process provides ultra-clean, ultra-low sculpture fuel appropriate for usage in a range of industrial processes. The fuel products are sold through three channels:
1. Fuel brokers
2. Fuel retailers
3. Direct to end-users

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