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What's the application of palm oil and palm kernel oil

Date:2013-12-05 15:32:33 / Cooking oil machine FAQ

Palm oil is the oil which is got from palm fruit. Most of it is liquid oil. While the palm kernel oil is extracted from the palm kernel. The palm oil and palm kernel oil is used in food and non-food industry widely. Here the main application of palm oil and palm kernel oil will be introduced.

The four main traditional uses of palm oil in food products are for frying/ cooking oil, shortenings, margarine and confectionary fats. Palm oil is widely used in both solid fat products as well as in the liquid cooking oil sector, especially in industrial frying applications.

Frying/cooking oil

Palm oil

Due to the cheap price and characteristics of the palm oil, it’s popular in the world market. The refined palm oil can be used as daily cooking oil. With the function of making goods likes good, it’s also used as frying oil.

Shortenings and margarine



Palm oil is ideally suited for use as an ingredient in shortenings and margarines as it has 20-22% solid fat content (SFC) at 20℃, which helps in th formulation of fat products with a plastic range.

confectionary fats


Palm oil also has other functional attributes that make it a valuable ingredient in food and non-food formulations. In many applications, palm oil can be combined with harder fractions such as palm stearin to produce products of the required consistency without hydrogenation.  It also can be used to make cheese, chocolate, ice cream, soap, cream, lotion and so on.

The acceptance of palm oil and palm kernel oil worldwide is due to its unique properties that encourage its use in a wide range of end products. These properties are made versatile by the various fractions and refined forms that are available in the world market. At present, more and more people and countries pay attention to the palm oil and palm kernel oil. No matter palm olein or stearin.

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