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Oil refinery machine for tyre oil,plastic oil,engine oil

Oil refinery machine for tyre oil,plastic oil ,engine oil

The DOING New Tech 5T/D oil refinery machine is mainly composed of 4 reactors respectively for hydration&impurities precipitation, esterification&neutralization, distillation and de-colorization, cooling system, vacuum system, filtering system, boiler heating system as well as de-dusting system. Our oil refinery machine can process furnace oil from waste tire, waste plastic, waste rubber, waste engine oil and black oil into diesel. Our oil refinery machine has two models DY-R-05 and DY-R-10 which can process 5ton raw oil and 10ton raw oil per day.

Oil refinery machine

Our oil refinery machine details:
1.Final product-diesel
2.Daily processing capacity:5ton-10ton.
3.Long working life.
4.Boiler-heating system
5.Best catalyst formula
6.Oil recovering rate 85%

1,Stainless steel reactors.
2,Oil filters and purifying devices.
3,Catalyst tanks
4,Oil tanks
5.Oil pumps
7.Boiler heating system  

1. Factory direct supply
2.Indirect heating by boiler increase machine service life
3.5 stage purfying process to guarantee pure and high quality oil
4.Quick delivery
5.Send engineer abroad for machine installation and commissioning.

1) More than 2 years' research and development for technology of oil refinery.

2) Can process both furnace oil from waste tyre/plastic and waste engine oil.

3)Diesel oil got can be directly used for diesel oil generators and trucks,etc.

4) Special boier heating system greatly increase the service life of machine.

5) Five purifying process ensure final diesel pure and high quality

Oil test report


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