What is biodiesel?

Date:2013-11-01 17:13:44 / Cooking oil machine FAQ

This Bus Runs On Soybean Bio-Diesel

What is biodiesel? It is a cleaner and environmental friendly fuel which is made from vegetable oils, animal fats, vegetable oil seeds, used cooking oil, and waste cooking oil. Typical sources of oil for biodiesel are soybean, canola, sunflower, jatropha, rapeseed and peanut etc.

It is a kind of modified oil and can be used as engine fuel in tractor, cars, and sedans.

It is done via biodiesel process to “thin” out the vegetable oil and animal fats because their “thickness” or viscosity is too high. In the biodiesel process, chemicals such as methanol and caustic soda are used. That means combining the oil methanol and caustic soda together in correct proportion to produce biodiesel

Biodiesel’s biggest benefits for environment are as following:

Green energy sources, environment friendly.
Recycling used cooking oil, prevent it from returning to the food cycle.

The applications of biodiesel: aircraft, train engines, generators and home heating systems, paint brush cleaner, paint remover and light lubricant.

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