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The benefits and identify methods of sesame oil

Date:2013-10-22 18:00:22 / Cooking oil machine FAQ

Sesame oil

The sesame oil could be divided into 3 kinds according to its manufacturing technique; they are normal sesame oil, ground sesame oil and machine press sesame oil.

Normal sesame oil

Ground sesame oil

Machine press sesame oil

The nutritive value of sesame oil which produced by Doing cooking oil machine
No matter machine press sesame oil or ground sesame oil, in their fatty acid, there is almost 35.0%--49.4% oleic acid, 0.4%--1.2% arachidic acid. The digestibility of sesame oil is as high as 98%, and the heat in it is 3753 kcal/100g. The nutritive value of sesame oil is as following:

The nutritive value of sesame oil which produced by Doing cooking oil machine

Heat (Kcal):898Vitamin E (mg):68.53Ca (mg):9
Retinol equivalent (mcg):1Na (mg):1.1Mg (mg):3
Fat (g):99.7Zn (mg):17Fe (mg):2.2
Carbohydrate (g):2Cu (mg):5Ma (mg):76

The medicinal value of sesame oil which produced by Doing cooking oil machine
Delaying senescence
There are abundant vitamins in sesame oil, such as vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E and so on, they are helpful to accelerating cell division; there is much unitary unsaturated fatty acid and multielement unsaturated fatty acid in ground sesame oil, it is helpful to discharging surplus fat, losing weight and shaping glorious figure. It can enhance skin elasticity, maintain skin energy and prevent wrinkle appearing. Sesame oil also can prevent fat generating hazardous substance which is harmful to cells, and eliminate vivotoxin, prevent cyasma, age pigment appearing effectively, make skin healthy.
Protect blood vessel
There is almost 40% linoleic acid and palmitic acid in sesame oil, it is easy to resolve, absorb and utilize, so that to accelerate cholesterol metabolism, remove the sediment of artery blood vessel, malacia blood vessel, and prevent arteriosclerotic. The sesame oil also is coagulant drugs; it is effective to cure thrombocytopenic purpura and hemorrhagic diathesis.
3. Relaxing bowel.
4. Lighten harm of tobacco and wine
People who smoke or drink wine frequently can drink some sesame oil regularly; it will reduce the damage to teeth, gum, oral mucosa and lung, it also can reduce absorption of nicotine. Drink some sesame oil before drinking wine can protect the mouth, esophagus, cardia of stomach, gastric mucosa.
5. Protect voice
It can enhance vocal cords elasticity to drink sesame oil regularly, make glottis flexible open and close; it is effective to recovery hoarseness and chronic sore throat
6. It is helpful to cure oral ulcer, periodontitis, gum bleeding and sore throat
7. There is sesamol in sesame oil; it is useful to hair-blacking. It can make hair black, soft and moist if you have it frequently.

※ The suitable crowd of sesame oil

1. People who are immunological deficiency and sickness recovery.
2. People who use voice frequently, such as announcer, teacher, host, anchorwoman, actor and actress.
3. The patients who have asthma and pulmonary disease.
4. The women who just give birth to children.
5. The people who want to be beautiful.

※ The identification method of sesame oil which produced by Doing cooking oil machine

The sesame oil which produced by Doing cooking oil machine is real pure sesame oil, didn’t mix with any other substance, it is healthy and fit the international sesame oil standard. At the same time, there are much adulterate sesame oil in market. We Doing Co. give you some identify methods as following:
Identify with water
Dip a drop of sesame oil into water with chopsticks, the real pure sesame oil will appear water white thin oil bloom, then solidify to several tiny oil droplets. The oil bloom of adulterate sesame oil is small and thick, and can’t spread easily.
Identify with freezing method
Put the sesame oil into fridge to freeze, and then take it out at indoor temperature, the real pure sesame oil will dissolve entirely quickly, the adulterate sesame oil will dissolve slowly, and appear an obvious hard heart during dissolving.

Sesame oil

Identify with shaking method
Shake a bottle of sesame oil; if the bubble is lucid and disappears quickly, it is real pure sesame oil. If the bubble is opaque and yellow, disappears slowly, it is adulterate sesame oil.

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