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Used Oil Recycling Options

Date:2013-08-30 20:09:48 / Industry Trends

Used Oil Recycling

If your business generates used oil, you have no doubt dealt with disposal of that used oil recycling. But have you considered all the options? There are four, and among them, onsite recycling of the used oil recycling by reusing it as fuel to heat your shop is the most environmentally friendly and economical. An Energy Logic used oil  recycling heater or boiler can help you turn this waste stream into money in your pocket. Used oil recycling is a solution both your bottom line and your customers will appreciate.

Understanding the Options

Option One: Onsite Recycling (the preferred method!)
Onsite recycling is clearly the green choice. Deemed by the EPA as the preferred method, it's the best for the environment and great for your business.
Used oil recycling on site eliminates the need for it to be transferred, during which time your business is liable for any improper disposal of any of the oil. The transit process can take months—or even years—and any business that has ever been involved with an oil spill knows that the damage is not worth the risk. EPA Standards hold the party that generates the oil responsible for any accidents that take place during transportation or storage.

Option Two: On-site burning at an Industrial Plant
Big plants understand how valuable used oil is. So much so that about 70 percent of used oil is purchased by large plants and burned onsite as fuel. But before the used oil recycling can be burned at an industrial plant, it must be hauled away from the site at which it was generated, transported to a collection facility, processed, and finally delivered to an industrial burner where it is used as fuel. Each one of these steps requires more energy, more generation of emissions and unnecessary risk. Not a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Option Three: Re-refining
Re-refining used oil recycling demands the same energy use and emission generation as the industrial plant fuel option. The oil is hauled, processed and then refined and sold as base-stock. After used oil recycling , the risks are taken, energy is used and emissions produced, requires proper disposal.

Option Four: Illegal disposal
Too often, used oil recycling  is just dumped into the ground or poured into a stream, and there is no excuse for this. While EPA regulation works to deter this manner of disposing used oil, it is still prevalent around the world. Energy Logic will help anyone find a local used oil recycling collector or a local garage that recycles the  used oil onsite.
By understanding the options for used oil recycling disposal. If you want to refine your used oil recycling , give us a call. Used oil recycling can save your business money and protect our earth's natural resources.

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