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Biodiesel how to make(how to make biodiesel fuel)?

In nowadays, more and more people insterested in making biodiesel , but how to make biodiesle ?    

Doing Group will introduce you some efficient methods to make biodiesel. At present, there are four methods to utilize the oil fat to make biodiesel: Direct mixing method, Micro-emulsion method, High temperature pyrolysis method and Ester exchange reaction method. The former methods is physical method, even through it can reduce the viscosity effectively, but in the burning period , it can not solve the Carbon deposition and Lubricating oil contamination problems. The later two are chemical methods, and the High temperature pyrolysis method is very simple, but the split product composition is not easy to control, the main final product even is similar with gasoline and diesel quality, the cetane number is high , the equipment cost is very high. By contrast, Ester exchange reaction method is the most perfect making biodiesel method.

Doing company is specialized in biodiesel making machine.

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