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Oil press production line ( Oil press machine )

Date:2013-08-23 19:19:33 / Oil Press Machine /Give me the price

Cooking oil machine plant(flaking machine, cooking pot and oil press machine )

1.The brief description of seed oil press machine  production line:
We have two different oil press production line , one is hot press , the other is cold press. Customer can accord to his requirements to decide what press method he wants.
The daily capacity of our oil press production line is 10-2000MT per 24 hours, it can process various kinds of oil seeds, such as sesame, soybean, sunflower seeds, peanut,  coconut, rapeseeds, Cotton seed and so on. The oil residue is less than 6%. General speaking, if the final user plans to process several kinds oil seeds, please let us know,  then we can collocate special oil press proudction line.

2.Oil press production line includes two parts: oil seeds pretreatment part and press part.
A.Pretreatment Equipments is used for pretreating  the raw material, it includes: shelling equipment, Separating equipment, Sieving equipments, Crusher, Flaking machine, Cooker.  Different oil seeds, pretreatment machines are a little different.

B.Pressing part includes oil press machine, Clarifying tank. Oil press machine is the most important mahcine in the whole oil press production line. Different oil press , the  oil residue is different.

Oil press machine technical parameter

Motor  power/KW
Press worm number
Cake oi restidal rate/%
Press shaft diam/mm
Working hours/s
Cake thickness/mm

ZX-1051600×900×1330 7.58less 6.5φ4830~451.5~2
ZX-189~102900×1580×3240  1776~7φ78~85150±5~8
ZY-2445~502900×1850×3640   30711~13φ8565±12±
ZY-28140~1603705×1040×2800 75716~20φ85-φ9565±15±

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