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Where can I get biodiesel production machinery?

Date:2013-08-07 18:56:43 / Cooking oil machine FAQ

Biodiesel production machinery is one kind of machine for making biodiesel production, manufacturer of biodiesel production machinery of China, bio diesel is a renewable energy, using biodiesel production as an alternative energy for diesel is already a trend of the world.

You can get biodiesel production from waste cooking oil, swill oil, palm acid oil, other cooking acid oil and Jatropha seeds also.

This tech is called esterification reaction, means add ethanol in to the waste cooking oil, let them proceed chemical reaction,

The esterification is the reaction between vegetable oil and methanol or ethanol, by catalyst and 230 to 250℃ temperature to start esterification, and generate biodiesel and byproduct - glycerol. Biodiesel may be used alone as an alternative to diesel fuel, but also a certain proportion mixed with diesel. In addition to provide an alternative fuel for public transport vehicles, trucks and other diesel fuel and marine transportation, mining, power plants and other non-mobile internal combustion engine industry.

The advantages of bio diesel oil:

1. Green energy sources, environment friendly;

2. Sustainable energy sources, raw material is rich and steady;

3. Widely application and achieve the international standards.

4. It not belongs to dangerous cargo, easy to transport.

5. The supply of bio diesel is not controlled by OPEC, it’s benefit to the stability of   international petroleum market.

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