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Oil seeds pretreatment production line

Date:2013-07-03 16:10:37 / Cooking Oil Pretreatment /Give me the price

Vegetable oil seeds pretreatment production line includes two parts, one is oil seeds pretreatment line, the other is oil seeds press machine.

Oil seeds pretreatment part is used for cleaning and adjusting texture of the materials , it can improve oil yield rate, reducing breakdown of the machines. General speaking, the oil seeds pretreatment production line include Magnetic drum, Cleaning sieves, Sheller, Crusher, Flaking roll, Cooker, Softening pot , Puffing machine and so on. After oil seeds pretreatment machine, the materials will be sent to oil seeds press machine, then we got the crude oil. Different materials have different pre-press methods. We usually collocate proper press line according to the customers' materials.

oil seeds pretreatment production machine

Vegetable oil seeds pretreatment production line

Main parts of  oil seeds pretreatment production line :

A.Magnetic drum

A. Magnetic drum:

It is making using of the magnetic power to remove the metal impurities, such as the iron nail and small steel , it can avoid these impurities to destroy the machines in follow steps.  

B.Cleaning sieves

B. Cleaning sieves:

There is some mud, leaves and other pellets in oil seed, we need to using the cleaning sieve to remove them . The frequency movement can improve the efficiency of cleaning, the light dust is removed by the suction system.Its processing capacity is large, it is usually adopted by the middle and large scale oil factory.

C. Teeth roll sheller unit

C. Teeth roll sheller unit:

It is making using of the movement power of a pair of toothed roller to break the shells of the oil seeds .Why we need must move the shells? Because there is very little oil content in the shells , if we don't remove it , it will absorb away the oil from the kernel. It is usually used for processing peanut , sunflower seeds , etc.


D. Crusher:

It is used for crush the big size kernel to several pieces by external power . About the soybean, peanut kernel, before prepressing , the crushing section is required , because it is making preparation for flaking.

E.Flaking roll

E. Flaking roll:

It is the process of making use of the mechanical action to flake the kernel into flakiness. After flaking, the materials is becoming thiner thank before, it is good for absorb moisture and heat in cooking process , and it is much easier for getting oil in the oil press process.


F. Cooker:

The main function of this part is wetting , heating, cooking and drying the the flakiness, the effectiveness of the cooking will affect on the oil out rate and the quality of the meal.

G. Softening pot

G. Softening pot :

It is usually used for processing the soybean. Its main function is conditioning the moisture and temperature of materials , increasing its plasticity .This process also can be effectively prevent powder overmuch and roll banding in follow processes.

H. Bulking machine

H. Bulking machine:

It is usually used for processing rice bran in oil field . The high temperature and pressure to make the materials into graininess. During this process, the materials are puffing sharply , the internal moisture was evaporated quickly and formed into loose structure , it is good for solvent extracting oil out.

I. Plate type dryer

I. Plate type dryer:

It is used for drying the moisture in the materials . After puffing , the moisture content is about 11%-13% , it is too high , it is not suitable for solvent extracting , so we need to dry moisture to 7%-9%.

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