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What the simple method to identify renewable plastic is analyzed by Doing

Before using the methods of all kinds of plastic regeneration to recycle waste plastic, we should sort of plastic mostly. Because of scrap plastic produced by different consumption and being difficult to distinguish through its appearance simply, which brings so many difficults to recycle and classify scrap plastic.

So, one must master the knowledge to identify the discrete plastic as follows.
1.Identify the plastic in the appearance

Through the observation of plastic appearance, we can preliminary identify categories plastic products belonged, which are thermoplastic, thermosetting plastic or elastomer. Generally thermoplastic can be sorted in two kinds such as crystallization and amorphous. Crystalline plastic is translucent, opacifying form or opaque seeing its appearance, only transparent in the solid film. Amorphous plastic is commonly colorless, and transparent without any additives.

Thermosetting plastic usually contains fill and is opaque,but transqarent if without filling.
2.Identify the plastic by heating

Thermoplastic after heating becomes soft, melts easily, and is transparent after melting, can often melt silk out from the melt, bond easily after heating. Thermosetting plastic material maintains its original hardness and is not softened before the decomposition temperature by heating.

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