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Pyrolysis technology can 'ease burden' for earth 'cleaning up the environment'

Cracking the waste tyre is the main way to convert scrap tires into renewable energy and another renewable resources, the methods to be used are pyrolysis, low-temperature decomposition, and catalytic pyrolysis, etc.

Pyrolysis is a special case of thermolysis, and is most commonly used for organic materials, being, therefore, one of the processes involved in charring. The recycling flammable gas can be as heating energy in the heat cracking furnace, carbon black and other can also be used as a chemical materials, is a more advanced method to use energy.

For example, this pyrolysis method researched and developed by Xinxiang Doing Renewable Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd in China has the features as follows:
2.Environment friendly
3.Long service life
4.Energy saving

The pyrolysis equipments supplied by Doing are 4th generation waste tyre pyrolysis plant, and 5th generation scrap plastic recycling equipment, which can recycle waste tires, scrap rubbers, waste plastic into valueable products, such as carbon black, crude oil, and steel wire,and so on. With the development of this pyrolysis technology, whether the "Black Contamination" or the "White Pollution" won''t be the headache problem for human to solve, also, will be home at refining oil so as to relieve the shortage of petroleum all over the world.

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