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Doing HR

Date:2013-06-26 21:20:51 / News
Doing Talents Idea

Creating a core competitive ability to support the permanent business operation for Doing by cultivation of an excellent team and a high quality talent team
Upgrading corporate cohesion and centripetal force by providing of excellent services in human resources for every people in Doing
Annotating of rich connotation in human resource management by realizing of dual functions on strategy and services.
By relying of triple functions in human resource on strategy, management and services, Doing Group attach great importance on respect talents, relying on talents, molding talents, training of talents, and taking these matters as the center of enterprise development and our work and creating a comfortable working and living environment for the purpose to keep talented people and better use the talents.

Doing will integrate its industry platform with renewable energy industry as its core and the management idea of human resources as “sincerity, cooperation, practical, innovation, development, win-win”, and creating an extensive career stage and a bright scene of development for all types of talented people. Take the resource of dynamic development of human resource to create a core competitive ability for permanent business operation.

Doing Training and Development

Training serves an important method and means to develop human resources, and constantly upgrade the quality of employees, meanwhile, it’s also one of the  effective methods to enhance the enterprise’s vitality moreover, it’s an important path to accelerate the transfer of science and technology to productivity and cultivate talented people. Therefore, it’s indispensable to every organization unit.

For a long time, Doing Group always lays stress on the training to enhance employees’ technique and raise the enterprise performance. In light of company’s strategy of development, integrates different demand of mid-high ranks management persons and grass roots employees, conduct a variety of training work, let employees’ development boost the development of the company, the realizing of company’s goal bring about the achieving of individual goal.

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