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Doing analyze what aspects environmental protection includes

Environmental protection is that the actions people taking to solve the realistic or potential environmental problem, coordinate the relationship between human and environment, and assure the sustainable development of economic society. There are many means and technology to protect our environment such as engineering technology, administrative management, the law, economy, propaganda and education etc.

In order to prevent natural environment from deteriorating, the hill, water and the blue sky all need to be protected. So it’s so important for people to be prohibit from mining privately, discharging of waste water and gas, over-grazing, cultivating natural sources excessively, destroy ecological balance, we need to try our best to renewable energy, such as recycling, refining and pyrolysis technology.

Protect the earth creatures including that to preserve species, maintenance plant, make animals to return, safeguard biodiversity and so on.

Protection the circumstances of human life, to suit for human to work and live, including all aspects involved people''s food, clothing, shelter and transportation to conform to the science, health, health, green requirements. The scope of protection includes water management and  our earth to be controlled and protected.  

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