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Carbon black extracted from waste tyre can be using extensively

Doing 5T/6T/8T/10T waste tyre/tire pyrolysis equipment/plant is a machine can pyrolysis waste tires, waste rubber and waste plastic, processing fuel oil, crude carbon black and steel wires without pollution.

Take one batch 10t waste tyre pyrolysis plant for example:
Total Output:
1. Crude oil: 45%*10t=4.5t
2. Carbon black: 35%*10t=3.5t
3. Steel wire: 13%*10t=1.3t

Carbon black extracted from scrap tire has a low price, can substitute special carbon black for printing ink color, in addition,which and mainly use as the rubber reinforcer and filling for rubbers. Carbon black used in rubber industry accounts total quantity for 94% , of which about 60% can be used in tire/tyre manufacturing. Also, carbon black is the important additives using in many other products, such as electrode, the dry batteries, resistors, explosives, cosmetics and polishing compound.  

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