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Strive to develop circular economy in our nation

Doing waste tyre/tire pyrolysis equipment/plant is a machine can pyrolysis waste tires,waste rubber and waste plastic,processing fuel oil, crude carbon black and steel wires with no contamination.

It’s known, treating mechanical and electrical, electronic waste disorderly has caused a large number of resources to be squandered, and challenges to environmental protection. Waste mechanical and electrical products recovered and renovated in black market, of which components and shell losed value will be thrown away. In the process of extracting precious metals, mostly vendors will dump the chemical residual directly so as to cause secondary contamination to the environment.

Due to the waste mechanical and electrical products, electronic products and other raw materials can be recycled insufficiently, some enterprises in the industry are facing to excess capacity, and the circular economy can be views as “bone feeling” in reality.

It’s known, the progress of science and technology makes mechanical and electronic products more portable, the quality of the metal disassembled is significantly declining, some enterprises’ profit need win on quantity. But in the reality, people’s consciousness of recycling is relatively weak in China, waste recycling system of the mechanical and electronic constructing lags behind, the rate of recycling the waste lower significantly relative to Europe and America, Japan, etc.  

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