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Waste tyre and waste plastic recycling economy is developing

Waste plastic recycling plant is a equipment which pyrolyzing the waste tyre or waste plastic into fuel oil, carbon black, and wire steel.

With shortening recycling of the mechanical and electrical, electronic products, a lot of waste not only cause to waste resources, but also to challenge to the environmental protection. Recently it’s known in the north of the largest industrial circular economy that, in the industry zone some recycling processing enterprise is facing excess capacity, shortage of raw material. Thinks by insiders, it’s a necessary to develop the recycling economy under the pressures of resource shortages and environmental protection, however, if we want to do bigger and stronger, we still need to connect with residents in daily life.

"The washing machine, television, air conditioning, the refrigerator, the computer" - the four machines and a brain (computer) "will become a fast moving consumer goods. The progress of science and technology helps to improve mechanical and electrical products performance, but with the residents’ purchasing power, consumer consciousness, aesthetics changing, the factor of quality is already not consumption replacement of mechanical and electronic products in the primary consideration question."

Qianshengda, deputy director of Tianjin Ziya Circular Economy Park committee, said, with the government for the policy of older more mechanical and electronic products that are traded in for new ones is coming in succession, and to renew the mechanical and electrical products become more potential. Now only in Tianjin the scrap number of mechanical and electronic products each year goes over 10 million sets. At the same time, mobile phone represented the electronic information products is boosting to upgrade, relevant product sales is increasing greatly.  

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