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Environmental protection is a practice, not a slogan

Date:2013-06-26 20:38:36 / Industry Trends

Nowadays, to protect the environment and to love our survival homes is known and cognized by more and more people. It’s very significant for the global to do well in our national environmental protection.

If we want to make the consciousness of environmental protection to people in everyday life, and form an environment protection social atmosphere, we not only need to propagandize environmental protection well, educate environmental protection actively, but at the same time to guide people to protect the environment.

Environmental protection is a practice, not a slogan a kind of action, not a talk in people''s hearts and hands, not in people''s discourse. How to make the environment protecting effect and implement, it’s more necessary to educate the vast people on environmental protection organized by the relevant departments, so as to let people know the mean to protect the environment specifically in their daily life, protect its own survival of their homes. Through the realization form of lively environmental protection education, people''s consciousness of environmental protection will set up better, it’s important for a tangible effect on environmental protection to master the environmental protection knowledge, skills and tricks.

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