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There will be a bright future in the fields of tyre pyrolysis plant

Date:2013-06-26 20:31:23 / Industry Trends

Tyre pyrolysis plant was known as early as the 1970s. Compared with the traditional production of rubber tires recycling machine, Doing tyre pyrolysis plant has irreplaceable advantages, no waste water, emissions, reduces the pollution to our environment, and crumb rubber can be used  versatilely. High content of  tyre pyrolysis plant technology  accords with the international development trend, the advantage of recycling waste tire rate of 100% recycled, can help us recycle the waste tyres, solve the problem of the “Black contamination” and “White pollution”, and develop sustainably.

In the future, the issues affected the development of the world are Population, environment, resources. Only finding the solutions of these three issues, we have just adhered to the rapid economic development. With the booming development of the global economy booming, the number of vehicles will increase rapidly. The scrap tires removed the cars will follow increasingly on the Earth and will bring a new pollution - black contamination.

To this end, to discard tires and renew other resource can be explicitly listed as six comprehensive utilization of resources one of the key.

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