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The introduction to plastic recycling machine/equipment

Plastic recycling machine/equipment has been widely used in plastic recycling industry. Doing is a professional recycling machine manufacturer and exporter. Through years of practice in the field of recycling machine exporting, Doing has won a remarkable reputation among business partners and Doing  recycling machine has enter Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, South Korea, North Korea, Bulgaria, etc. We are able to supply a wide range of recycling machine, including Plastic recycling machine/equipment/equipment, waste tyre recycling machine, tires pyrolysis plant, etc.

Plastic recycling machine/equipment can be used in waste/scrap tire/tyres, waste plastic products. The Plastic recycling machine/equipment including 13 parts, which are reactor, transmission device, catalytic chamber, cooling tube, heavy tank, oil-water separator, condenser, light oil tank, safety device, vacuum system, dedusting system, draft fan, chimney. The Plastic recycling machine/equipment production capacity range is from 6T to 10T.

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