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The analysis about applications for the used tires/tyres

Every year in Europe over 3 million tonnes of waste tires/tyres are generated. This amounts to approximately 300 million units – that is a lot of tires/tyres, approximately one tires/tyre per person a year! Due to the large volume produced and their durability, waste/used tires/tyres are among the largest and most problematic sources of waste today. The processing of used tires/tyres is becoming a large problem!

However, those same characteristics which make waste tires such a waste problem also make them one of the most re-used waste materials. For example, waste tires/tyres can be reused in other products because the rubber is very resilient. The materials that are the outcome of tires/tyre recycling also have many benefits (as the flexibility, strength and combustibility). waste tires refining equipment  can do well in recycling.

Whether entire or shredded tires/tyres all can be used for coastal protection projects and reinforcing embankments alongside roads. Owing to its noise reducing benefits, it can also be used on rain and tram tracks to reduce noise and vibrations. Another popular application for the rubber is in shoe soles, shock absorbers and shock absorbing mats.

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