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The advantages of the 5th generation equipment over the 4th generation

Date:2013-06-26 18:59:34 / Industry Trends

With the increasingly development of industry society, technology is always updated in each round, especially, not suitable technolyogy, more and more disadvantages will be eliminated, so that our society will become better and better. We provided the 5th generation tires pyrolysis machince/equipment/plantm, now, Let’s see the advantages of the 5th generation  waste tires/tyres refining equipment/plant  compare to the 4th generation machine.

A: Add PLC system which can control the main parts of the whole system.

B: Add the other buffering tank for exhaust gas recycling, and deliver gas to furnace for reburying.

C: Change from carbon black screw conveyor to carbon black bucket type lifting machine.

D: Add two automatic oil taking out pump.

E: Change from 5 vertical condensers to 2 horizontal condensers, one horizontal condenser equals to 5 vertical condensers.

F: Add one more insulation out side of the oil and water separator    

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