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The policy and measures about the comprehensive utilization of waste tires taken

Date:2013-06-26 18:52:20 / Industry Trends

(a) To increase awareness of waste tires recycling ant to strengthen leadership off al levels of government. Industry and information department at all levels should pay high attention totrecycle waste tires, strengthen leadership and carry out planning in the key areas, should made clear the development goal, optimize industry layout, and support to construct industrial grouping area of comprehensive utilization of waste tyre/tires. Also push legislation of the scrap tire recycling management, and build extended producer responsibility system.

(b) To construct and standardize the scrap/waste tire/tyre recycling system. Industry and information department at all levels should include scrap tire recycling system construction into development plan of public service, encourage in setting up the channel to recycle waste/scrap tyres/tires, strengthen to link with scrap tire recycling.

(c) To access industry market strictly.

(d) To strengthen the enterprise technological progress. Support and encourage in refurbishing waste tires and producing reclaimed rubber with new craft, new technology, and the technical reconstruction project. To speed up the rubber powder to be applied directly, exhaust gas of reclaimed rubber to be purified, and doing technology research and development on environmental pyrolysis.

(e) To play industry association in an important role, which should actively assist the government departments to enhance management of trades and service work, establish and perfect the basic management work, strengthen system of statistical analysis, and self-discipline, establish energy consumption and recycling calculation method, develop in-service education and training to employees worked in the industry of the comprehensive utilization of waste tires.

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