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Developing Situation about waste tires recycling and and utilization in China

Date:2013-06-26 18:45:35 / Industry Trends

Nowadays, the industry of scrap/waste tire recycling has achieved great development in China, which induces that scrap/waste tire is becoming into shortage resources, especially the technology about tires refurbished and waste tyre reclaimed rubber is becoming more mature in recent years, and comprehensive utilization and harmless disposal of scrap/waste tire resources have already headed to the industrialization.In term of recycling the scrap/waste tires, a mode which is recycling in folk mainly, assisted by local management has been formed in our country. According to Eleventh Five-Year Plan formulated by the development and reform commission, waste/scrap tires recycling should be recycled more than 70% above during the" eleventh five-year plan " with the implementation of Renewable resource recycling and management methods, waste tire and rubber resources recycling can be guaranteed by law Waste/scrap tires/tyres recycling machine/plant  produced by Xinxiang Doing Renewable Energy Equipment Co.,Ltd, can do well in recycling.

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