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How to promote new development of recycling technology by recycling machine

Date:2013-06-26 16:18:31 / Industry Trends

With the high speed of development of modern civilization, the demand to human for energy is increasing. Thus, the deposits of energy in the world are dwindling as time goes on, forcing people to develop new energy, to fully explore all the various resources which can be extracted fuel in the processing. Some people have paid so great efforts that they have made fruitful achievements. Particularly, comprehensive utilization of a variety of non-oil residue such as waste/scrap plastics, waste/scrap tires, waste/scrap rubbers, coal tar, Animal and vegetable fats and so on has become an indispensable energy toady.
However, raw materials for processing of non-oil(waste plastic/scrap tires/scrap plastic) recycling equipment, refined by traditional pyrolysis machines, lacked of innovation over the years almost all of the intermittent production of the old faces, old structures, not only recycling efficiency is low, and will be consumpted highly and protect environment, so national energy-saving emissions fall far short of the new requirements. The pursuit of high efficiency and small investment, greater gap between the expectations of high quality and "people-oriented" to protect the health goal is more inconsistent.

The new generation of recycling technology and equipment are kept eyes of society and the companies open. The 5th generation of waste/scrap plastic/tires recycling equipment/plant/machine  produced by the company, which named Xinxiang Doing Renewable Energy Equipment Co,. Ltd,  has a lot of advantages to the 4th generation machine as follows:A:Add PLC system which can control the main parts of the whole system.

B:Add the other buffering tank for exhaust gas recycling ,and deliver gas to furnace for reburying.

C:Change from carbon black screw conveyor to carbon black bucket type lifting machine.

D:Add two automatic oil taking out pump .

E:Change from 5 vertical condensers to 2 horizontal condensers, one horizontal condenser equals to 5 vertical condensers.

F:Add one more insulation out side of the oil and water separator  

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