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The seminar on the process of waste scrap tire recycling machine

Last Friday, of sales department all member in Xinxiang Doing Renewable Energy Equipment Co., Ltd occupied in selling tires change oil machine,  waste plastic recycling machine, scrap tire recycling machine,scrap plastic pyrolysis machine etc. took part in seminar on the process about waste tire changing oil was hosted by Ms. Zhao at 6 o’clock, June 15,2012. Of the seminar ,the content they discussed are the change of the temperature and control, each step time, oil refining process used items should be considered in and so on ,in the 1F in Xinxiang Doing Renewable Energy Equipment Co,. Ltd .The participants are all staff of oil refining group, the two company Managers Eric and Mr. Zheng.

On the meeting on the process of waste tire changing oil , everyone spoke enthusiastically, lively , Ms. Zhao demonstrated the selling proposition about the refining process and points of waste tire recycling machine for the attender. Mr. Yan and Mr. Zheng also exchanged experience with us, mastered proficiency to the process of waste plastic refining machine and other notice, and put forward some valuable opinions and suggestions to us. In the end, the two of company managers encouraged us to continue to put our shoulder to the wheel, and they can work hard to provide the high quality service for customers with us together.

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