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The technical measures to prevent and control the pollution

Of the technical measures that is, firstly to adopt in paper rather than
plastic. Paper is the main ingredients of natural plant fiber, it’s easy to be decomposed in the soil after abandoning by microbe, so can solve the above problem of "potential harm", but will also bring new environmental problems: first paper needs a lot of wood, but in China the forest resources are not rich Second paper process will bring the water pollution. In addition, in performance, cost, paper products can not competed with plastic products . At present, in our country we also use the cane, straw as raw material to produce the disposable tableware approach, but that is still in the test phase.

Secondly to use biodegradable plastics. Plastic packaging products in the production process of added with a certain volume of additives (e.g. starch, modified starch or other cellulose, photosensitizer, biological JiangXieJi etc), make plastic packaging stability down, to decompose more easily in a natural environment.

To solve the “white pollution” and “black polltion”, waste tires pollution, we can all use tire change oil machine scrap tire recycling machine, waste oil refining machine etc.

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