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The administrative measures to prevent and control the white pollution

At present our country has taken administrative and technology measures to prevent and control the "white pollution" .

Of the administrative measures that is, firstly to strengthen management. For example, railway departments have devivded zones and sections to the workers who are responsible for a cleaning task unit it is completed in earlier 1994. Part of passenger trains have used garbage bags, prohibit passengers from the window to waste away. Practice has proved that to strengthen management is effective means to prevent from "white pollution".

Secondly to prohibit disposable and degradative plastic wrappage. to a certain extent, that has reduced the "white pollution" harm in certain scope, But from the practical result, only to depend on the prohibition is difficult to thoroughly solve the problem of "white pollution"

Thirdly to recycle.The cleaning waste plastic packaging can be repeated use, or to be used for granulation, oil refining, the paint, building materials, etc. Waste plastic recycling accord with universal principles of solid waste treatment -"reduction,reutilization,harmless". Recycling can not only avoid the "visual pollution", but also solve the "potential harm", to alleviate resource stress and relieve waste disposal load in domestic urban, and save land, obtaine a certain economic benefits. This is a good way to resolve the primary and secondary problem at the same time. The equipment to solve that problem are: for instance, the waste plastic recycling machine  scrap plastic pyrolysis machine etc.

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