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Banning plastic bag in free in market, airport, harbor port and so on in America

Date:2013-06-26 14:27:07 / Industry Trends

Supporters of the ban of course are thrilled with the move. "This is a gateway for sustainability," said Leslie Tamminen of the Clean Seas Coalition, which pushed for the L.A. ban. "This is meant to change consumer behavior and expand consumer consciousness." But reactions in Los Angeles have been mixed, according to the Los Angeles Times:
On the afternoon of the ban's approval, Beth Austin, a resident of Los Angeles, was holding one cloth bag and three plastic bags full of groceries at an Eagle Rock store. "I wasn't expecting to come to the market after work today, and I have like 10 of these [cloth] bags at home and didn't want to buy another one," she said. "It does upset me that I have to use all these plastic bags sometimes, especially when some of the bags are not even strong and sturdy. I end up double bagging." Austin usually travels by bus, and said that now with the ban in L.A., "I'll have to plan better in the future always remember to put some bags in my purse before I leave for work in the morning."

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