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The effect of prohibition of use plastic bag

A few days ago, it was reported that of this year June 1st is four anniversary carried out “plastic limit order" in China .4 years ago on this day, a national ban on of plastic shopping bags the production, sale, use of less than 0.025 mm. For the past 4 years, the "plastic limit order" performed? Recently, a few readers‘ letters was received, reflecting the white pollution is still raging, calling on more persons to pick up their cloth bag, food basket, creating " refuse the white pollution, the protection of home " .

The "plastic limit order" that has carried out 4 years has effected waste plastic, but on the whole, the effect is not obvious, in some places, the plastic bag products remains from daily necessities to the building products, from food packaging to the household decoration, from agricultural to industrial manufacture, even the biscuits, jelly, fruit, candy, instant noodles and other food and footwear, clothes and other clothing all used plastic bag to packaged . Not only in the rural areas but urban there are all kinds of waste plastics, flying all over the sky, floating around.Side of the road, ditches, rivers, mountains, fields are plastic figure if a gust of wind blows.

Therefore, the departments concerned must strictly limit the use of plastic range.Also

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